Peering out of the DC Plane wreck in Iceland 

Sitting on the ledge of my Balcony in London

Sitting on the ledge of my Balcony in London



I'm Lin, 24. Welcome to my site!

I first started this site in 2014 when I was feeling creatively-drained whilst on my 9-5 industrial placement. This has been my freedom ground to immortalise my traveling moments which I hold so closely to my heart. I started nightlife & event photography back in my hometown, Singapore, in 2011. Since then I've explored new areas like landscape,  engagement, and most recently wedding photography.

I also write itineraries. If you're into all things alternative, off-the-beaten-track, beautiful, quaint... photography-worthy destinations... you'll probably find something that you'll like here. 

I recently started my professional career in London in late 2016 as an energy-infrastructure business consultant. When I'm not traveling or doing photography I'm probably face-timing a loved one, reading a dystopian novel or a book exploring the conscious-subconscious mind, stuffing my face with food, or dancing by myself in my little studio flat! And over the weekend I'm probably at a house party, tanning in a park in summer, having cocktails in Shoreditch with old and new friends, or chilling out at Holborn Hoxton Hotel. 

Thanks for visiting this site and I am happy to give more personalised recommendations if you drop me a message. Have a great day ahead!